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Andrzej Zubik bakery

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​Baltyk Bakery is a family owned traditional Polish bakery. It first opened its doors to customers in 1993 and has been serving first-rate baked goods for 30 years, thanks to solid baking practices, as well as tried and true recipes. Andrzej Zubik was the original Baltyk Bakery owner. It is now run by his nieces, Kasia & Kasia.



our products

Baltyk Bakery is a “from scratch” bakery – everything we sell is handmade. Our breads are made with real sourdough, using no additives or preservatives. We don't use any stabilizers or premixes, ever! We bake our bread fresh every morning using a slow and steady process. Our sour starter is now 24 years old and is maintained every 4 hours to make sure you can get fresh traditional bread whenever you come in.


We choose only the best quality ingredients for use in our products, like whipping cream, milk, real butter, and cottage cheese – and you can taste the difference! We use a hands-on approach and we crack every egg ourselves!


Our bakery produces baked goods and pastries, such as an assortment of breads, sweet and savoury buns, cakes, cookies, and loaves, that always taste as good as they look. Come and sample our products, check out our seasonal specials, or order a custom cake for that special occasion.


We look forward to seeing you!

healthy bread
healthy bread
Baltyk bakery
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